Selecta Spotlight: “House spouses” Hugo & Khris “First Lady” Hutchinson share stage for the 1st time

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On the scene even before there WAS a House Music scene, husband and wife duo Hugo Hutchinson and Khris “First Lady” Hutchinson have built successful careers in music on parallel tracks—radio, music production, club residencies and more—always working in the same industry, but never together. That is, until the inaugural 3YB House Fest, where they will share the stage for the first time, closing out the festival on August 22, 2015.20130815_192844

For her part, Khris parlayed her experience as a teen DJ (she started playing local parties in 1980) into a radio career that has included stints at Kennedy King College’s influential WKKC FM, Chicago’s WGCI FM– where she was the first woman jock to play a mix show–New York’s top-rated WBLS FM, KISS-FM and HOT97 FM stations, as well as stations in Milwaukee and Indianapolis. Her work has garnered several awards, including Billboard magazine’s Hip Hop & R&B Music Director of the Year award in 2006.

And for his part, Hugo—whose childhood experiences included fiddling with his parents’ record player as a toddler, and spinning at the legendary Sheba Disco’s teen party as an 8th grader—leveraged his passion for music to create a career as a radio and club DJ, and producer. His resume includes appearances on Herb Kent’s legendary “Punk Out Show”  WKKC FM’s popular “Friday Night Audio”, WGCI FM and V103 here and New York’s KISS FM as well as a residency at Chicago’s Warehouse club on Randolph Street. Currently he works with actor, singer and musician Jamie Foxx on a number of projects, including serving as a featured DJ on Foxx’s popular Sirius XM Foxxhole channel.

Throw in music production—Khris recorded several early house music/freestyle tracks, including the hit “Used by DJ”, and Hugo has had a hand in a number of house classics, and put out his longtime unreleased hit “Chante’ vs. James” to huge acclaim—and you have a real live, certified musical power couple in the Hutchinsons, who have been together more than 20 years, and have three grown daughters between them.


Both have been part of the fabric of 3 Yards Bangin’ almost since its inception—Hugo has played at every party except the first in 2004, while Khris, who hails from the Southeast Side, has been a tireless cheerleader for the party.

Asked why 3YB is important to her, Khris says: “Having an event where people can get together, dance, forget their troubles, and remember what it’s like to be free, is a great thing. And if we want what we’ve created to continue, we must bring our children into the fold, so I’m glad to see the move to a venue that is family friendly. Creating things that live beyond you is important.”

Says Hugo: “Each year, 3 Yards Bangin’ does its best to top the energy and experience from the year before. This year, I’m really looking forward to bringing the party to the next level, and helping people have a great time. For me, 3 Yards Bangin’ is so special because it has always been just about the people, and the music.”

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